22 June 2011

The Things I've Done Pt. 1

I found these past assignments lying around, not being shown, and decided to give them a turn in the limelight.

Winter 2011
Seasons the Bear

Fall 2008
Teapot Arrangement
Modeled, textured, lit all assets in Maya

Fall 2008
Graphic Design Test

Winter 2009
Insect Design
Modeled, lit, textured in Maya

Winter 2011
Charley Harper Emulation Assignment
Adobe PhotoshopWinter 2011
Two Point Perspective Assignment - Cardboard Box Boat
Adobe Photoshop

Summer 2010
Modeled Door and its assets (handles, bolts, bars, etc), Lintel and Posts
Credit to multiple others for lighting, texturing, and other assets not named above

Winter 2011
Curious Robot
PhotoshopWinter 2011
Imaginary Friend
Sketch + Beginning Photoshopage

06 March 2011

Winter 2011

VADES 410 - Digital Painting with Jake Parker

Assignment 1: Environment
Tips from Jake Parker; everything else by me.
Medium: Adobe Photoshop 4.0 & 5.0

Assignment 2: Character
Tips from Jake Parker; everything else by me.
Medium: Adobe Photoshop 4.0 & 5.0

01 January 2011

Final Stuff

Digital Painting Class Final

Line Art: Provided by Sam Nielson
Medium: Photoshop CS4
Tool: Wacom Intuos 4

"Butchered Meats" Lighting Test Final

Main Char Model: Other BYU students
All Other Models and Textures: Sky Young
Tools: Maya Lights with minor Gimp touch-up

29 November 2010

Fall 2010

Here are digital paintings I've worked on this year. All line art was provided by Sam Nielson.

Medium: Adobe Photoshop 4.0

Tools: Wacom Intuos 4

Line art: Provided by Sam Nielson

And we're working on a fourth and final piece for the semester!

18 March 2010

Making Something Gnarly

Fall Semester 2009
under Barry Zundel

I Designed,




and rigged

Gnarly the Tree